PRESSURE RELIEF Electronic Motorized POPC Dampers

PRESSURE RELIEF Electronic Motorized POPC Dampers

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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Performance Aire EBRD Modulating POPC Electronic By-Pass Damper. 24V. Adjustable Static Pressure Sensor. 


Performance Aire Electronic Pressure Relief Dampers. As individual zone dampers open and close, the system static pressure will rise and fall. In order to maintain proper airflow and static pressure through the HVAC system, a bypass system incorporating a floating type motorized damper and a static pressure sensor (SPS) should be used.

The SPS Static Pressure Control is equipped with solid-state switching and a timing circuit to enhance operation and improve reliability.

  • FAHRENHEIT Zone Control Systems
  • Floating Point Power Open / Power Close Actuator
  • 3 Wire / 24V / 2VA / 1 Amp
  • Motor Torque 44 inch lb / Timing 90 seconds
  • Operating Temp -40 to 190°F
  • Standard Sizes  8" - 20"
  • Compatible Static Pressure Range 0.08" to 1.20" WC
  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Gasket Blade Seal
  • 24 ga Galvanized Steel Sleeve
  • 1/2" Aluminum Shaft
  • Nylon Bushings for quiet operation
  • Minimum position adjustment

  • Static Pressure Sensor factory mounted
  • Calibrated Dial adjusts desired Static Pressure
  • 1/4" ID Flex House Connection
  • LED damper status indicator

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